Circle of Sisterhood

Sorority women standing together to make a global impact

A new movement by the entire community is underway. Since 2010, sorority communities across the U.S. have banded together in an effort to remove barriers to education for girls worldwide. The Circle of Sisterhood efforts are a community-wide compliment to the amazing domestic work we do as individual organizations. Click here to donate and learn more.



In this effort, we are standing together as one community of educated women – across affiliation – in a global humanitarian way to remove barriers to education for girls.

Where our donations go:

  • Scholarships

  • Tuition assistance

  • Malaria nets

  • Electricity in schools

  • Boarding school

  • Hygiene kits 

  • Reintegration from sex trafficking

  • Funding teachers and tutors

  • Computers for labs

  • Books for libraries

  • Schools

We have an obligation as college-educated women, who understand the value of education, to help girls around the world go to school - like our Founders did for us over 150 years ago when sororities first appeared in the U.S. Our Founders wanted a college education and had to fight for the right. They formed sororities to be able to combat the ridicule and oppression in the company of other women.

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